OCSC player grades vs. New Mexico United

by | Jun 4, 2022 | Orange County SC, USL

By – Tristan Bonetto – LA Soccer Press

Patrick Rakovsky – C+: The German goalkeeper conceded twice in the match. He guessed the right way on Justin Portillo’s goal from the penalty spot but couldn’t get a hand on it. Rakovsky also had two saves in the match and a passing accuracy of 74.4 percent from goal. 

Michael Orozco – B+: The captain was probably the brightest spot for OCSC tonight. He was present on both sides of the ball, defended well, pushed forward to provide passing support, and had promising shots on goal. Orozco had two shots on target, a chance created, and completed the match with a passing accuracy of 71.9 percent. Orozco also finished the match with a clearance and two interceptions.  

Hunter Gorskie – C-: He only had a clearance before being substituted off for Sean “Ugo” Okoli in the 37th minute. At that point, OCSC was already down 2-0, and head coach Richard Chaplow wanted to bring on an attacking option to try and get back into the match. Gorskie had a passing accuracy of 81.5 percent in the limited time he was on the field.   

Albi Skendi – C-: Skendi caused the foul that led to the penalty. The call was a bit harsh as it appeared he made contact with the ball before he fouled Neco Brett. He was also at fault during the buildup play of the second goal. He failed to cover Chris Wehan, who roamed into the box by himself and converted the shot that made it 2-0 for NMU. He finished the match with an interception, two clearances, and a passing accuracy of 82 percent.   

Brent Richards – C+: Did well pushing up the right-wing to provide attacking support and dropping back to defend NMU counter-attacks. He completed the match with two tackles, three clearances, a chance created, a shot on target, and a passing accuracy of 86.4 percent. Richards had the second strongest defensive performance for OCSC behind Michael Orozco.    

Alex Villanueva – C: Villanueva completed the match with a tackle, an interception, and three clearances. He wasn’t as present as he usually is on the left-wing, finishing with two chances created and a passing accuracy of 75.7 percent.  

Tommy McCabe – C: McCabe didn’t impact the match the way he usually does defensively, coming away with a tackle and two interceptions in the 59 minutes he played. Even though his performance wasn’t ideal, he still had a chance created and a passing accuracy of 81.8 percent before being substituted off for Seth Casiple in the 59th minute. He received a yellow card in the 17th minute for disputing the penalty awarded to NMU.  

Daniel A. Pedersen – B: Pedersen had a significant impact in midfield, completing the match with a shot on target, two chances created, three successful crosses, and a passing accuracy of 79.2 percent. His grade would be higher if he was more impactful defensively, finishing the match with only two tackles. 

Kevin Partida – B: Partida played well in the midfield alongside Pedersen and McCabe. Partida had a chance created, a successful cross, and a passing accuracy of 92.3 percent. He didn’t produce much defensively, coming away with one tackle before being substituted off for Iván Gutiérrez in the 81st minute. 

Milan Iloski – B+: Had a strong performance up front finishing the match with a goal, three chances created, and a passing accuracy of 85.7 percent. His goal showed how impressive his finishing is in the final third. Iloski’s goal puts him at seven goals in 13 appearances for OCSC this season.  

Erick “Cubo” Torres – C: Missed the penalty in the 96th minute of stoppage time that would have tied the match for OCSC. He had a shot on target, a chance created, and finished the match with a passing accuracy of 70.6 percent. Apart from the missed penalty, Torres was not clinical enough with his opportunities to score. 


Sean “Ugo” Okoli – C+: Okoli was substituted on for Hunter Gorskie in the 37th minute. After being substituted on, he immediately had a chance to score, but he wasn’t clinical enough with his first touch shot. Okoli completed the match with a shot on target and a passing accuracy of 80 percent.

Seth Casiple – C: Casiple was substituted on for Tommy McCabe in the 59th minute. Casiple completed the match with a chance created, three tackles, and a passing accuracy of 78.9 percent. He didn’t make as much of an impact as he usually does in midfield. 

Iván Gutiérrez – N/A: Gutiérrez was substituted on for Kevin Partida in the 81st minute. He did not play enough minutes to earn a grade.

Bonetto is a student at CSU Long Beach. He covers Orange County Soccer Club for LA Soccer Press. Follow him at @tristanbonetto on Twitter.